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RoboVest FX has invested a large portion of its resources into finding and keeping professionals of the highest caliber. All strategic partners are carefully selected based on qualifications that include industry experience with a proven track-record. The management of RoboVestFX, Primavera FX, and FX Project Management have a combined 150+ years experience on Wall Street and in the Global FX Markets. Their collective vision of what works best for the client is unanimous: service and support, along with trading performance and integrity. RVFX professionals are held to the highest standard of dedication, professionalism, and integrity by WHOM.


Rudolf Peter Ströbl

Rudolf Peter Ströbl
Managing Director
FX Project Management GMBH

Rudy is a professional economist who has developed trading strategies, models, and algorithms for the Forex Markets for the past 10 years. He possesses a unique talent blend of quantitative analysis, coupled with a programming background. Equally importantly, he is also an experienced trader and has learned the lessons of the market to build some of the most sophisticated analysis tools available. At times, trading is more art than science, and human intuition and experience can prove invaluable. Rudy has captured these lessons which are reflected in the investing tools he and his team build and refine.

Rudy has over 20 years of experience in various projects and functions in the global financial industry. He has further experience the mining of surface metals and metal ores, including managing activities from extraction to exporting and sale of precious metals. Beyond Forex, his company is leveraging its knowledge and experience to develop additional market analysis algorithms and trading robots for Robovest in precious metals (PM), options trading (OPX), equity trading (EQ) and digital currencies (DC). He is a key advisor to Robovest, and a key asset to the organization.

Joseph Hagan

Joseph Hagan
RoboVest, Inc.

Joe brings over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience to RoboVest, Inc. along with 5 years as an entrepreneur committed to bringing to individuals the investment opportunities that are typically reserved for powerful financial institutions. He has managed client portfolios, deployed numerous of investment strategies and has mentored hundreds of advisors along the way. This experience enabled him to accumulate a significant network of investors and entrepreneurs, both domestic and international. In 2013 he founded WC Management Group, LLC, which brings unique investing products that are otherwise not normally accessible to accredited investors. Joe has acted as an advisor to publicly traded and privately held companies, assisting them to grow their businesses and reward their investors. These experiences have prepared and inspired him to found RoboVest FX with a mission of providing institutional-level trading and investing experience for RobovestFX members.