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“In a career spanning nearly two decades, since the dawn of the industry, I have been working in the online FOREX trading markets. As one of the first employees of GAIN Capital I helped grow the company to one of the premier FX Broker Dealers in the US; which has continued its success as a publicly traded company (NYSE:GCAP).

As President of Primavera FX, Inc, I recently signed a Partner Agreement with GAIN Capital as my online fx trading provider and clearing firm for my CTA to conduct this business and service my clients. Over the past 17 years, I have seen the explosive growth of FOREX trading. Simultaneously, I have seen both the best of money managers and regular investors underperform and even lose money when there was clearly money to be made.

In a market as fast moving as FOREX, I have seen great trading opportunities missed, profits ready to be taken vanish and commitment to losing positions leveraged into greater losses that were completely avoidable.

At the same time, I watched institutional traders take advantage of the above weaknesses to ratchet up their trading profits by using technology to take the emotion and hesitation out of their trading. Using trading robots, they executed split second trades and moved in and out of the FOREX markets, all the while spreading their risks and capturing impressive returns.

While that was all sufficient for institutional traders, there were few such tools that focused on leveling the playing field for the average retail trader. If you have been trading on your own, you know that daily activity such as work, sleep and recreation hinder your FOREX trading success.

All of that was true until now.

Recently, I became aware of RVFX Pro and could immediately see that the playing field has now finally been leveled for the retail trader. By putting RVFX Pro to work for you, you can now rely on automatic 24-hour trade execution. If the FOREX market is open (Sun 5PM EST to Fri 5PM EST), your robot is ready to take advantage of tremendous trading opportunities. RVFX Pro takes the emotion out of trading so you no longer worry about missing those crucial signals that get you into or out of a position. With a team of experts and the tools constantly analyzing the market for trading opportunities, RVFX Pro sits ready to pounce on trading opportunities around the globe.

No longer will you be bound exclusively to a few currency pairs based on your investment level. By joining RVFX Pro, your individual account (which you maintain control of), will receive the benefit of our technology’s Economies of Scale, allowing each individual account to be treated as though it were an Institutional account. You will gain access to a broad range of FOREX trading recommendations. Using our advanced software, risk is spread more like that of an institutional trader, tempered through increased diversification and decreased volatility. Thus far, the results have been impressive.

In fact, I am so impressed by the results that RVFX Pro has produced during its 18+ month trial period that I have signed up to become the Flagship Advisor to all RVFX Pro investors. My role is to assist you in all phases of your journey in FOREX investing with a powerful robot on your side.

Bottom-line: you maintain complete control over your investment account, you retain all the profits in your account and you have peace of mind in knowing that RVFX Pro is executing your strategies for you, maximizing your investment return.”

  • Matt Cozzolino, President
    Primavera FX

About Matt:

Matt Cozzolino has over 25 years of online FX and Wall Street experience; having most recently served as Head of Institutional Sales at Forex Club which is one of the original worldwide online FX providers. Prior to that he was Manager of Institutional Sales with GFT , one of the original, largest and most respected online FX firms. Before GFT Matt served as VP of Sales and Marketing at IKON Global Markets where his duties ranged from back office procedures to creating sales. Matt originally started in FX with GAIN Capital in 2000, primarily as Director of Institutional Sales helping GAIN as an early start up through a period of explosive growth.

Previous to FX , Matt was an equity trader and financial planner from 1993-2000 with various Wall Street brokerage houses including Shearson Lehman Brothers and Smith Barney. Matt holds a BA in Economics with a minor in Finance from The University of Connecticut (UCONN) in Storrs CT. Matt enjoys spending his spare time with his four children.